Mild Bunch Co-working Space:

Community + Culture Since 2010

Custom made desks in the front of the studio.

Mild Bunch is Bristol’s longest-running co-working space, and our home from home since 2010. It’s a light and airy place filled with art and plants, with a comfy lounge and terrace. Plus, a friendly bunch of people who have fun working and hanging out together. It’s like a house share for work with a community of down-to-earth people.

The space is a bit of hybrid between a studio (bright, relaxed, spacious) and an office (comfy, clean, warm). People come because it’s nice, and stay because they make friends. If you’d like a co-working space that’s the polar opposite of the more anonymous corporate co-working places then we’re the space for you. Check out our reviews.

The lounge.
Iolo the Frenchie on the terrace. Windows from across the street. Monstera Deliciosa (Cheese) plant.


Fees and terms

Membership fees starts at £125 per month for a part-time spot or £250 for a full-time desk. No VAT, no fixed-term contracts, just give us one month’s notice if you need to leave. We don’t do hot desking, but we’re happy to host your guests (a small fee is charged if they stay all day).

We have spots free!

Speak to Jon for more info and to arrange a visit. Tell us a little about yourself. Jon Tan icon Email

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