Hello, nice to meet you!

For over ten years, we’ve been making websites, apps, films, music, and products, helping clients such as the BBC, Facebook, WhatsApp, Sony, Disney, as well as a host of smaller clients. Get in touch to discuss commisioning the team, or feel free to contact us individually.

  • Bruce Molyneux

    Bruce Molyneux

    Mobile. Apps. Developer. Investor. Rides mountain bikes, in wild(ish) places.

  • Chloë Eardley

    Chloë Eardley

    Creative Director for 3advance, and extreme crocheter.

  • Eugene Getov

    Eugene Getov

    Musician. Web developer. Runs, rides, grows plants, not at the same time.

  • Jim Levett

    Jim Levett

    Maker of bad puns, software and websites with Kite.

  • Jon Gibbins

    Jon Gibbins

    Web developer, accessibility trainer and mobile specialist.

  • Jon Tan

    Jon Tan

    Designer. Typographer. Writes and speaks about design. Runs Mild Bunch. Bad poet.

  • Nick Jones

    Film and documentary maker. Musician. Runs around the streets, but not from the law.

  • Tom Cartwright

    Tom Cartwright

    Software developer. Maker of salads. Advisor to small children selling cards for charity from front gardens.