Credits & colophon

Bristol, Wed 14 Oct 2015 — Mild Bunch has two facets: The co-working studio itself as a service, and the people and the work they do. The HQ gives us a space to work and share our days, and the people make the special relaxed, open, friendly culture we’ve created over the years.

When we opened in 2009 we bashed together a quick one page site in a couple of hours. Six years later, we’ve finally updated it. Mild Bunch is nothing without the people who use the space, and this site is much the same.

The objectives for the site were to introduce the co-working studio to new members and encourage potential clients to hire individual members and the team as a whole with a site made using using everyone’s skills in making web products, writing and architectural design.

This is the first phase. More studio photographs, and information about our clients and work will be coming soon. Mild Bunch folks who worked on the site include:

Design notes

The wordmark was customised by hand based on Fenway Park by Jason Walcot which itself references the skill of commercial hand lettering from the golden age of signwriting. The terminals, widths, and spacing was adjusted to be ready for use at display/signage sizes without losing the spirit of the original.

The Mozilla open source typeface, Fira, is used for all other type on the site in both sans and mono varieties. Fira was designed by Eric Spiekermann for Mozilla, based on his classic Meta. The sans and mono paring was a key factor, along with the utility of its width and legibility for denser and narrow reading environments, and its open licence which allows it to be included in other future projects by the team. Stylistically, its character and utility are complimentary. The fact Fira is hung on the very well articulated skeleton of Meta is merely a reassuringly tasty cherry on the cake. ‘What’s not to like?’ as Matthew Butterick wrote in his Typographica review.

The index illustration is based on archtectural drawings of the Stokes Croft frontage done in SketchUp by Sam Fitzgerald of Third Design, which were edited in Illustrator by Chloe Eardley, and augmented in Sketch by Jon Tan.

We decided to progressively enhance the home illustration with some non-intrusive animation to add a little playfulness. Tom Harrison did the heavy lifting primarily using CSS and JS and the Greensock animation platform, with animated GIFs created from Flash files. Some elements don't activate on smaller screens to decluter the experience. Our thinking also assumes that browsers on those devices may be accessing the site via a lower bitrate connection so lightening the load could be a good thing.

With JS turned on page navigation is a little smoother, but navigation history always works, and URLs are always respected and shown in a readable way in the address bar. Page navigation falls back nicely to regular page loads if JS is not available.

Thanks for reading! We hope you like it. Keep an eye out for further additions soon.